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Dynamic Photo has a long history of excellence having won Photographer of the Year and has a perfect 5 star rating. Your mind will be at ease knowing you've hired a professional team that cares about you and your experience. We integrate your unique style in a way that makes your images uniquely yours. Our team of highly qualified professional photographers have nothing but the best possible equipment possible. We are fully insured with property and liability insurance. We've got you covered. Let's cherish some memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Meet our Photographers


The first thing you'll notice with Russ is that he is always smiling. That's what happens when you do what you love and he absolutely loves his full time profession as a photographer. His passion makes his clients feel at ease and are able to relax into poses for some wonderful images. Incredibly versatile and quick, he seems to adapt to various situations at lightening speed. We're always impressed at how slick he looks when photographing weddings. You may mistaken him for a guest as he's always friendly with everyone. His eye for detail has resulted in many epic shots over the years. He is proud of his Filipino heritage and has photographed many Filipino weddings for us. We're pleased to have him capture your special event.


You may think that Ali is more suited to be on the other side of the camera but once you see her stunning images, you'll realize she is a total pro. Our clients love her calm and friendly demeanour allowing you to be in the moment while she's capturing you at your essence. We also love the high end camera equipment that she uses. She uses a two camera system which allows her to capture wide shots as well as zoomed in tight detail shots in a flash. Speaking of flash, she is a pro at using off camera flash to add that splash of light to a dull room when needed illuminating the subject just enough to show that magical moment the way it should be. You'll always know when Ali is in the room as her stunning smile is there for you.


You'd be hard pressed to find a pro like Oli. He's the quiet type but is able to clearly communicate extremely effectively when needed. He loves to let you be in the moment and just celebrate while he captures amazing candid images. When it's time to direct you and give lots of specifics on what you need to do for the special photos, he's able to deliver and more. He uses the best quality Sony camera equipment and also uses a two camera system. He's also very proficient in using external or on camera flash when needed in special circumstances. Frankly, one of the most versatile photographers around. He also has extensive knowledge and experience in editing having worked for a high end editing firm so your images will be beautiful.


A professional photographer in the Ukraine, Anton was forced to flee the country with his wife and two young children when Russia invaded in 2022. He quickly teamed up with Dynamic Weddings as a solid contributor to our success. We love how humble and genuine he is. He truly cares about your experience and puts his absolute best in every event he photographs.  Although is English is not his first language, he is still able to communicate effectively. He has a fun loving personality and loves the outdoors. He loves to integrate creativity and photojournalistic style. He uses a quality mirrorless Sony camera which is the industry leader for high end photography for events such as weddings and more.


Everybody loves Lara's easy going demeanour. You'll love her sense of humour. She's so fun and always says the right thing to help you relax and enjoy. She's super flexible and can adapt to any situation, largely because of the super mom training she's receiving to 3 boys all under the age of 5. She has a special eye for detail and loves to get creative for a few unbelievable creations of photographic magic! Once the lights go down, her extraordinary lighting knowledge becomes a large asset to allow her to photograph bright and clear images in low light conditions. Lara also teaches other professional photographers the art of photo editing. For those that know cameras, she a Canon lover. She's a true gem!


Dennis is the owner of Dynamic Photo and one of the main photographers. Having started the passion for photography in grade 9, Dennis fell in love with capturing emotions. His passion is photographing people and families. Seeing their love, passions, sadness and bliss show up in images is what photography is all about to Dennis. He has extensive experience working weddings and employs several fantastic photographers. His training through the the Langara College Photography School taught him the complicated techniques he uses in his photography today. The pinnacle was receiving an award on behalf of the entire Dynamic Photo team as Photographers of the Year at the British Columbia Wedding awards in 2019.