Delta Hospital Photo Fundraiser

That's a wrap! We've concluded our fundraiser and are now in the process of editing the photos and calculating the proceeds. Thanks to you, the community, for your overwhelming support.

The Delta community is heartbroken due to the recent fire at the community thrift store who donates the proceeds to the Delta Hospital. I took these photos the day after the fire which started at the back and travelled through the ceiling to the front of the store. The store will be closed indefinitely for assessment and repairs. We organized a Photo Fundraiser to support the hospital.

Why did we organize this fundraiser?: Thanks to your overwhelming support, we've raising funds for Delta Hospital. As you know, the thrift store donates the proceeds to the Delta Hospital. The fire is a big blow to them and we want to help. 

Who was the Photographer?: Dennis Bellia is a Ladner resident and the owner of Dynamic Photo & Dynamic Weddings and has captured amazing memories for many families. He was named “Photographer of the Year” in 2019. More details here.

Why is the fundraiser a Photo Session?: The one thing we've learned from this pandemic is that Family is #1. We wanted to share our award winning talents with the community and help them preserve what's most important to them.

Sponsors: Many thanks to our sponsors:

• Cookies provided by L'Aromas Bakehouse

• Starbucks Coffee, juice boxes and popcorn from Margaret & John of Dexter Realty

• Macarons from Blossom Macarons

• Swag from Dynamic Photo

• Chocolate from Ladner Artisan Chocolate

• Angela from Angela Grace Creations

• Steve from Sure Copy Ladner for the cheque banner

Finally, thank you for supporting us.

Watch the Video of how it all happened!

Sample photos from Day 1

Sample photos from Day 2

Photos of fire at Thrift Store

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